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Upper Back, Necks & Headaches

Not only do you spend loads of time looking down, bending over and lifting, but family life can be hectic or stressful!


Even a normal or natural birth can be a traumatic event for both mum and bub. Forces placed on an infant at this time can lead to minor disturbances in the spine. Parents often notice signs such as excessive crying, preferences for sleep positions and head tilt.

Sporting Injuries

Both parents and kids are susceptible to sporting injuries. At Chiropractors Geraldton – Straight Up Health, we help with all kinds of sporting injuries. We look at prevention by detecting postural and movement faults and helping you correct them. Ask us about our ‘Back to School Backpack’ posture screens!

General Family Wellness

We have loads of families who come in for regular check-ups to keep themselves functioning at their best. Come in and see what’s on offer!