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We have several chiropractors at Straight Up Health. You may see only one of us or you may get a chance to see several, depending on the type or level of care you require. We each have different techniques that may help you heal. Please enjoy your journey and communicate with us.

We love children and will help you with them while you are having your appointment, if needed. Please monitor your children’s behaviour while they are here and be considerate towards other people in the waiting room. We have a change table in the toilet area for your convenience.

If we are running behind it is not because we do not care, it is usually because we care too much. Someone might be having a rough day or be in a large amount of pain and may need a bit of extra time. We do our best to help each person but some things are out of our control. If you are concerned about being on time, please phone us before your appointment to see how our timeline is moving. Please be kind to our reception team – they do their best.

This is your journey; we are here to help you along.

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